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Retro-adding safety features, corporate logos, advertising and identification to existing clothing and garments

RFA has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and supply of safety garments to emergency organisations, the service and manufacturing industries and government authorities. With a comprehensive range of in-house manufacturing services including screen printing , computer and die cutting, garment assembly and manufacture, RFA can provide the addition of safety features and identification to a range of existing garments, either client's own or supplied by RFA.

These garments include:

  • Wet weather coats
  • Safety vests
  • Polo shirts
  • Windcheaters
  • Jackets
  • Workwear, such as cotton drill

Screen printing to existing garments

This facility provides an effective method of transforming an 'ordinary or generic' garment into a 'personalised and identifiable' item. Company names and logos, personal names and departments/divisions, advertising messages all can be effectively added to existing garments. Corporate or preferred colours, up to four colours, can be added.

retro-added logo and reflective tape

Adding reflective lettering and tapes to existing clothing and garments

Through the use of in-house computer cutting facilities RFA can supply and fix reflective lettering, logos and graphics to existing garments as a special service to enhance their identification and appearance. Depending on the base fabric/material, reflective lettering and tape can be heat laminated or sewn on to garments.


Hertz safety vest


'Safety responsible' garments for better personal protection in the work place.


Three basic forms of add-ons include:

  • Screen printing to existing garments
  • Adding reflective lettering and tapes to existing garments
  • Combining screen printing outlining with reflective lettering to existing clothing and garments

Logo and reflective tape retro-added to garment

Combining screen printing outline with reflective lettering to existing clothing and garments

RFA also provides a specialised service which combines the benefits of reflective lettering to existing garments with screen printing outlining. This feature has been used to advantage by a number of the emergency services organisations in providing a more distinctive appearance to clothing and garments. This service is now available as an addition to existing garments.

Screen printing and reflective tape added to garment

If you are an OH & S person, look after the supply of clothing and garments for your company or organisation and would like to improve aspects of company safety and identity talk to RFA.

We can assist in making your generic work clothing both more identifiable and visible, so talk to us now. Give us a call, we would be pleased to assist.

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